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Team Description

NimbRo is the robot competition team of the Autonomous Intelligent Systems lab of University of Bonn, Germany. 

The lab is part of the Computer Science Institute VI – Intelligent Systems and Robotics, which is headed by Prof. Dr. Sven Behnke

Team NimbRo AVATAR

NimbRo has extensive experience and outstanding success with robotics competitions and challenges:

These successes are based on contributions to science that are reflected in a large number of publications. Main research areas are computer vision, mapping and localization, locomotion and manipulation planning, and deep learning. 

NimbRo has developed intuitive robotic telepresence systems for domestic service, space exploration, and disaster response. 

Centauro robot at Kerntechnische Hilfsdienst GmbH  Momaro taking a soil sample at DLR SpaceBot Camp 2015  Momaro cutting at the DARPA Robotics Challenge  Cognitive Service Robot Cosero


Our team NimbRo is one of the qualified teams selected to participate at the ANA AVATAR XPRIZE Challenge.

NimbRo registered for the ANA AVATAR XPRIZE Challenge.

Related Publications

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